Monday, 6 April 2020

Playing games can keep you mentally sharp - research here

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I grew up at a time without mobile phones, with only three, then four, channels on the television, and had to find a lot of my own entertainment. I actually created games to play, normally around sports. I did my own Formula One game, with a board and other equipment (I don't want to give it away as I have just thought I may try and find a way to patent it).

We had plenty of board games at home. I still recall when Trivial Pursuit came out, but also had Boggle, Monopoly, Cluedo, and the old classics of Snakes and Ladders (I always seem to slip down the snake on 97 down to 6).

But maybe they were doing me more good than I realise, as play cards or board games is now reported to possibly protect you from Dementia. Some researchers have discovered pensioners who Bridge, Chess and Monopoly were more likely to stay mentally sharp.

They analysed data on 1091 people who sat tests on memory, problems solving, and thinking speed. The tests started when they were 70 and then repeated every three years until they were 79 (four test in all).  Those who played "non-digital" games,m such as Bingo, Dominoes, or Crosswords suffered less decline in brain power. This was particularly the case doe memory and thinking speed. The average IQ score for those who played games several times a week was one to three points higher.

The University of Edinburgh study said that results took into account other potentially influential factors, such as wealth, education and exercise. Professor Ian Deary, who led the study, said: "we are narrowing down thee sorts of activities that might help to keep people sharp in older age"."It would be good to find out if some of these games are more potent than others."

HMHB says:
The brain needs to be used as much as any other organ of the body. Yes, some people's thinking skills can decline as they get older, but it clearly does not have to be inevitable. Use your brain as much as you can. Play soduko, kakuro; complete puzzles and crosswords; use the internet to learn new stuff - even a language.  It''s your choice, but you have been given an incredible body and have a responsibility to give it the best chance of health.

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