Sunday, 12 April 2020

Can Vaping scar your lungs? University medics speak out.

Vaping: A Dangerous Epidemic – The Catalyst

It is definitely a difficult time for many of us, as we stay in lockdown, isolating ourselves (well, most of us), and only leaving the flat/house for essentials, one hour exercise or work related business.

We can get stressed and feel anxious. And many people decide to combat that with smoking. Something which is probably more likely to kill them than the virus.

But we are also now at a time of Vaping - which has for many a month been promoted as more healthy than smoking, and maybe can be done as a replacement.

However, medics say smokers should not start vaping after an e-cigarette user's lungs were permanently scarred.  Doctors diagnosed the patient with hard-metal pneumoconiosis, a rare form of lung disease that causes irreparable damage, persistent coughing and breathing issues. (something that we certainly do not want people suffering at a time of Covid 19 and how is affects your respiratory system).

University of California medics say this is the first known case linked to vaping. They found the toxic metals cobalt, nickel, aluminium, manganese, led and chromium in vapour, all released by the patient's e-cigarette.  Experts believe the metals come from the heating coils found in vaping devices.

The European Respiratory Society, which published the case study has now issued and official warning against vaping.
University of Manchester's Professor Jergen Vestbo, who co-wrote the editorial, said:  "E-Cigarettes are harmful. The medical profession and public should be concerned about a new wave of lung diseases."

HMHB says:
Our lungs are created to help us breathe - essential for life. By damaging them, it puts how lives at stake, and can cause long-lasting health issues that can debilitate. Smoking has no health benefits at all, in fact it has zero benefit overall.Yes, it is a personal choice to smoke, and that is a freedom all should be able to decide for themselves. But with the current focus on breathing problems, that are causing death, and knowing that if you smoke you are likely to die because of that, is this not a great time to stop ingesting nicotine, stop smoking, and create a healthier routine that will have long-lasting significance.

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