Friday, 7 February 2020

Let's look at Sugar - can we give it up?

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I, as many know, have had my weight issues over the last few years - yoyoing up and down. Thankfully I am back losing weight well in 2020, and feeling confident of finally reaching my goals. Part of that is down to stopping "added sugar" in my diet.  Let's be clear, it is impossible to stop sugar in your nutrition in your diet. There are several natural sugars in dairy, fruits, vegetables etc.  What we are talking about is "added sugar".  Those spoonfuls in tea or coffee, or poured into your cereal.

Have I struggled with it? Yes, a bit. You have to get used to a new taste. I did not have it in tea, and have not added to cereal since I was 16. However, I would use in coffee, or if I had a hot breakfast like porridge.  But the new taste is fine when you get used to it.

We all need sugar in our diet. Our brain, for example, uses glucose to keep it running. But you can get plenty in your normal daily food intake.  Our bodies use it for fuel to give us energy.

There is sugar of course in cakes, biscuits, sweets, etc. This counts as "added". So you must cut down. But the odd treat here and there is cool.

I was brought up on puddings after dinner. My mum was a wonderful cook, and we were spoilt when it came to dessert. I definitely have a sweet tooth.

But you can change your diet. Think about your snacking. Think about your treats. Do they have to be sugar based, and how large are the portions?  So many cakes you can buy in the shops give a calorie content and sugar content per slice (but that slice is a lot smaller than one anyone would normally cut for themselves).

Some people comfort eat - I know I have. And that tends to be sweet foods, handy to pick up in the shops. You can buy a single doughnut for 25p or 30p maybe (often more) but 5 or 6 in a pack for 80p maybe. That is not good.

Cut down, look at your intake. You will be astonished when you see just how much added sugar you might be consuming in a week. It's your body, and your life - you can choose